Straight Lines

Posted February 26, 2012

by Lensyl Urbano

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Here's a prototype for showing how the equation of a straight line changes as you change its slope (m) and intercept (b):
 y = mx + b

It starts with an horizontal line along the x-axis, where the slope is zero and the intercept is zero:
 y = 0.0

The line moves upward, but stays horizontal, until the intercept is 1.0:
 y = 1.0

The slope increases from horizontal (m = 0), gradually, until the slope is 0.5:
 y = 0.5x + 1.0

Finally, we move the line upwards again, without changing the slope (m = 0.5), until the intercept is equal to 4.0:
 y = 0.5x + 4.0
Now I just need to figure out how to make them interactive.

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