Posted April 29, 2012

by Lensyl Urbano

Radishes ready for harvest.

The radishes did well this year. Planted in containers on March 29th (in St. Louis, USA), they were harvested one month later. The short, early season means that they’re a workable crop for school. Students can plant, harvest, and consume them all within a semester.

The CDC’s Fruit and Vegetable of the Month website has a little history, some information about the varieties, nutritional information, recipes, and more information about radishes. The University of Illinois Extension also has information about planting and growing.

NutritionData.self.com has some very nice graphical representations of the nutritional value of the food (although their serving size is 1 cup of slices, which seems a bit much).

These sites, however, focus on the radish bulbs, and not on the fact that the leaves are edible. Radish Leaf Pesto is quite good.

Harvested radishes. Both the red bulbs and the green leaves are edible. You'll note that radishes also spot a long tap-root.

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