Basic JavaScript

Posted May 3, 2013

by Lensyl Urbano

One of my students couldn’t get VPython to install and run her computer. She was running Windows 8, and I have not used Windows, much less this version of it to figure out what the problem was. This is one of the challenges with a bring your own device policy. So, instead I gave the lesson on numerical integration using javascript.

To make things easier, I create a barebones template of a webpage build around javascript (using the jquery library to make interactivity easier).

If you open the webpage file (index.html) in your browser you should see nothing but the word “Hello”. The template is blank, but it’s ready so students can start with the javascript programming right away, which a few of my programming elective students have done.

For reference, this file ( uses the template to create a program that does numerical integration. Someone using the webpage can enter the limits (a and b) and the number of trapezoids to use (n), and the program calculates calculates the area under the curve f(x) = -x2/4 + x + 4.

It’s a very bare template and doesn’t have any comments, so it’s not useful unless you’re at least a little familiar with html and javascript and just need a clean place to start.

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