An Online Microscope

Posted July 5, 2013

by Lensyl Urbano

Now that I have a new set of microscopes I didn’t think I would actually need to have an online, simulated microscope to show samples. However, I thought having a series of picture that I could scroll through would be useful to illustrate microscopy concepts such as depth-of-field when I talk about them to the whole class. Once I’d created the depth-of-field simulation, I figured it would not be too much extra trouble to put in a few different magnification levels. Now I have this embeddable online microscope simulator.

It’s started off with a single fly wing as a sample, but I’ll be adding to it as I take more pictures.

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    What a fabulous idea and so beneficial for your subscribers! Thank you!!

  2. Lensyl Urbano

    And if anyone wants to contribute a set of images, it’s pretty easy for me to add them as a new specimen. It would take more time than I have right now to set it ups so people can upload their own, but we’ll see if anyone wants that capability.

    I also hope to get access to a couple research-grade scopes in the next week or so, so I’ll try to get a few more specimens in.

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